Grand Street Dental Branding - Colored Half Circle Smiles arranged in a random pattern.
Grand Street Dental isn't your ordinary dental office. We partnered with Dr. Plotnick to craft a brand identity that reflected her vision- modern, vibrant, sophisticated and design forward. Our goal was for Grand Street Dental to stand out from the first point of contact and immediately communicate to the patient that this would be a dental experience unlike any other.
We created a clean, modern dental website for Grand Street Dental that instantly set it apart. It’s constantly ranked among the best websites in dentistry. But you don’t have to take our word for it – search "best dental website" and you will see how often it is referenced and held up by our competitors as an example of great design. ☺️ By doing things differently we were able to set a new standard.
We used photography to create a window into Grand Street Dental. It enabled us to showcase the staff personalities and office design - creating an immediate personal connection with potential patients. The medical world is litered with generic and boring stock photography. By creating custom photos we were able to differentiate and humanize the office, something that is almost impossible if you use the same content and images as everyone else.
Grand Street Dental Exterior signage
Grand Street Dental Pads
Grand Street Dental Tote bag design
In addition to Grand Street Dental's web design we worked on a variety of printed materials and collateral from in-office signage, patient forms, tote bags, etc. so that every patient interaction and touch point was considered. To showcase her amazing cosmetic work we advised her on camera systems, lighting and even built lights into her walls to create an effortless studio for patient photos and compiled those photos into a book.

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